admin December 6, 2020

Babies love bananas because of their sweetness and they provide lots of energy 

and development. This recipe makes a rice pudding using bananas as a core ingre- 


Preparation time: 20 minutes. 

Serves: 4. 


•Cooked brown rice-1 cup 

•Warm milk- half cup 

•Cinnamon- a pinch 

•Nutmeg- a pinch 

•Vanilla essence- a drop 

•Raisins soaked in water- 1 tablespoon 

•Sliced ripe banana- 1 


In a blender, and add in the brown rice. Make sure the rice is cooked properly. 

Add in the warm milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla essence, and the sliced banana. 

The raisins should be soaked in water to make them soft. Add them into the 


Blend all the ingredients until they are smooth and form a paste like mixture. 

Place the mixture in a bowl and serve to the baby.

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