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Apple is a very healthy fruit and is a great way to start your day. For babies espe- 

cially, apple is a great benefit to their health because they contain two types of 

fiber, soluble and insoluble. 

Soluble fiber prevents cholesterol from building up in the blood vessel walls, 

whereas insoluble fiber regulates the bowel movements in the intestines and 

cleans the digestive system. 

Preparation time: 15 minutes. 

Serves: 2. 


•Flour- 2 teaspoons 

•Unsalted butter- 2 teaspoons 

•Homemade chicken broth-3/4th cup 

•Apple sauce-2 teaspoons 

•Cooked sweet potatoes-3/4th cup 

•Ground ginger-a pinch 

•Ground cinnamon-a pinch 

•Milk-1/2 cup 


In a sauce pan, melt the butter and stir in the flour. Cook until the mixture turns 

golden brown. 

Now add the chicken broth and add in the sweet potatoes, apple sauce, ginger and 

cinnamon. Bring to boil and let it simmer for 5 minutes. 

Blend the mixture in to a food processor and transfer back to the sauce pan. 

Add in the milk and serve warm.

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