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Babies cannot eat bland foods all of the time. It is necessary to give them both sa- 

vory and sweet tastes to keep them from getting bored. This recipe is for a curry 

which will surely please babies. 

Preparation time: 30 minutes. 

Serves: 5. 


•Boneless chicken breast-1 cup 

•Vegetable oil- 3 tablespoons 

•Small onion-1 

•Ground coriander- a pinch 

•Nutmeg- a pinch 

•Ground cardamom- a pinch 

•Ground cinnamon- a pinch 

•Ground turmeric-a pinch 

•Ground ginger- a pinch 

•Ground cumin- a pinch 

•Chopped fresh garlic- half teaspoon 

•Bay leaf-1 

•Chicken stock- 1 cup 

•Apple- half cup peeled 

•Sultanas- 1 tablespoon 

•Flour- 3/4th tablespoons 

•Sliced ripe banana-1 

•Chopped fresh parsley-2 tablespoons 


In a sauce pan add in the vegetable oil and onion and sauté until they turn soft and 

tender. Next add the ground cardamom, ground coriander, ground cinnamon, 

ground turmeric, ground cumin, and the ground ginger. 

Stir well. Add the fresh garlic and cook for 5 minutes. 

Add the chicken stock and the bay leaf and let simmer for few minutes. 

Add the peeled apple and the sultanas and cook uncovered for 5 minutes. 

Place little bit of vegetable oil in a separate pan, toss the chicken cubes in flour and 

stir fry the cubes in the pan until they turn golden brown. 

Add the chicken cubes to the curry mixture and let cook for few minutes. 

Now add in the sliced banana and the chopped fresh parsley. 

Blend or puree the mixture and serve with brown rice.

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