admin November 25, 2020

Avocados are not only healthy for the body but also help the body to efficiently ab- 

sorb nutrients from the other fruits and vegetables that are eaten with it. 

Preparation time: 15 minutes. 

Serves: 3. 


•Sliced ripe banana- ½ 

•Sliced ripe kiwi- ½ 

•Diced avocado- ½ 

•Cream cheese- 1/8th cup 

•Pineapple juice- 1/4th cup 


Slice the banana and the kiwi and blend or puree together. 

Mix the avocado and the cream cheese and then add pineapple juice to attain a 

spoonable consistency. 

Now place this creamy avocado dressing on top of the fruits and serve!

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