admin November 6, 2020

Avocado is very beneficial for our health. For babies especially it is a great as it 

contains monounsaturated fats which can make our babies fat and chubby and 

make them cuter than they already are. 

Preparation time: 20 minutes. 

Serves: 4. 


•Diced avocado- ½ 

•Sliced banana small- ½ 

•Peeled and sliced papaya- ½ 

•Peeled and sliced kiwi- ½ 

•Unflavored natural yoghurt- 1/4th cup 

•Maple syrup- one drop 


In a bowl add in the diced avocado, sliced banana, sliced papaya, and the sliced 


Now add the yoghurt and the maple syrup. Mix thoroughly. 

Blend or puree the ingredients to form a paste. 

Serve to your baby!

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